Plus 50™II Premium Engine Oil

In farming, profit margins are getting leaner and leaner—and every fraction of a percent matters.   As you know, there are two sides to the equation.  One side deals with producing more and getting higher yields.  The other side is focused on reducing the cost of production.

Buying your engine oil and hydraulic oil in bulk from 21st Century Equipment can save you money in terms of the per-gallon cost—and save time by having what you need on hand when you need it.

Discover more about bulk oil deliveries from 21st Century Equipment.  Chances are we can help you with the input side of your profit equation

For more than 20 years John Deere engineers have been constantly improving Plus-50 to be without question the best engine oil you can put in your John Deere equipment. Now, with Plus-50 II, we’ve taken engine oil to the next level. Plus-50 II lasts up to 500 hours in your John Deere equipment, providing superior protection in high-heat engines. Imagine the savings and peace of mind that come with oil that lasts twice as long as standard oil.
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Benefits of Plus-50 II Premium Engine Oil:

  • Extended drain intervals up to 500 hours in your John Deere equipment – Standard oil lasts only 250 hours in your engine before you’re due for an oil change. Plus-50 II protects up to 500 hours, saving you money on maintenance while giving you added peace of mind.
  • Developed for John Deere equipment with John Deere equipment – John Deere engineers design and test Plus-50 II alongside John Deere engines, so it not only to meets John Deere requirements, it exceeds them.
  • Qualified by the most extreme off-road engine test in the industry – Tough operating conditions? You’ll be happy to know Plus-50 II trumped the toughest off-road tests out there. Not all other off-road oils can say that.
  • Expanded application coverage – Plus-50 II isn’t just the best oil for your John Deere engines. It’s recommended for all engines used in your operation, including diesel, gasoline, and natural gas-powered vehicles in both on-highway and off-road applications.
  • So good, it’s guaranteed – Plus-50 II is guaranteed to meet or exceed the oil requirements of your engine. Check out our warranty at
  • Compatible with new emissions standards – Plus-50 II is compatible with Interim Tier 4 engines, as well as older engines. You won’t have to change your maintenance routine with changing standards.